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"Economics - The Power of Numbers"

"Economics - The Power of Numbers"

Welcome to the ECON Project:

The motivation to build this Community is related with the way Economic Data have been used and presented, not allowing correct assessments to be made by those with the right to choose.

We (The people, Mankind, a Nation, a Community...) have the right to be informed and to receive data that is clearly understandable and simple to use by all of us, enabling the assessments that have to be made, in such a way, that they will be done in the right way, using the right tools, providing and allowing economic information to be comparable with other alternatives. Then, empowered with the responsibility to choose the way we want to be governed, whom should be elected, what do they need to do and what are the best options to manage the country/state/industry/region, we will be able to act in our best interest.
Economic information and Growth Rates in particular have been presented over the years (either by some governments or by some media) in a specific way, promoting the idea of healthy economies and as a sign of solid Financial Statements, creating the illusion that good governance or good management aren't that important or needed, as long as the results ( in a specific moment of time, usually a very short one) are in line with the opinion in the mainstream.

This sometimes clouded information, is responsible for worsen the perception and the resolution of the real crises.
Is the available economic data somehow unclear? - No!
Then...why aren't these crises foreseeable? - Because we don't pay enough attention to numbers! If we look at them from the right perspective, they can "speak" enough to inform us.

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