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The Econ Project

The original Beacon Photo " Farol da Barra de Aveiro", was taken by Paulo Resende: Profile @ 

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Welcome to the ECON Project:
An Independent, Transparent and Original Online Communication Network

The Communities:
a definition

"The term community has two distinct commutative meanings: 1) Community usually refers to a social unit larger than a small village that shares common values. The term can also refer to the national community or international community, and 2) in biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment.

or, including as The Econ Project view's it:
An Independent Group of Individuals or Organizations, who share a common interest or values, like to collaborate and to help others achieving the same goals, and incorporates a Transparent process and Sustainability into his work. These Communities can be Built by or for:

The Scope:
1 a) The Earth, The United Nations, A Global Region (the Atlantic Ocean ...), A Continent, Union of States, Associated Countries ...
1 b) A Country, State, Region, District, City, Town, Village, Municipality, Neighborhood, Settlement, Locality, Populated Place ... 
The Form:
2 a) A Non-Profit Organization, Community, Association, Group of individuals or families, Web Service...
2 b) A Market Oriented Organization or Company, Association, Entrepreneur, Individual, Web Service...
The Activity:
3 a) Things that matter (Causes, People or Communities in need of Help, Health care, Home Support, Specific resources...)
3 b) Matters of interest (Economics, Ecology, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Science, Engineering, Technology …)

"Economics - The Power of Numbers" presented in this website is one, among the millions on Earth.

The original image (without the "... project..." text) was captured from the ISS (International Space Station) in 2003. It shows the Pacific Ocean with a towering thunderstorm cloud. You can also see how thin the Earth's atmosphere is compared to its diameter! It has been released by NASA on the occasion of Sun-Earth Day 2008. More info @ and @

The Network:
Some notes

- It Doesn't replace the Events or the Activities on the Communities. It presents them and helps to enforce them.
- Resonates and Echoes In and Out. Enabling the Collaboration (communities) and Cooperation (providers), Coordinating the communities with the world.
- Creates a platform. Brings together the people who need help with the ones that can help.
- Provides a Tool and a Framework. Connect the ones who need information with the ones that can inform.
- Builds and Unites. The Search, the Communities, the Communication, the Providers, the Users, the Resources and the Beneficiaries of the work of the communities.

The Communication:
In a short glance

Will carry the answers for these and other questions:

- I want to help preserve the environment! With whom should I cooperate?
    - I've reached a breakthrough concerning something new. Where is the community that will stand by this? Where in my Country?
        - Is there a community that can help me? where? How can I contact them?
            - Whom is working with and taking care of senior citizens? Where in my region?
- I want to make a donation to help children in need. In my country, whom is working with them? And around the world? where can I help?
    - I will be in Stockholm (Sweden) next weekend! what kind of community or event will be active there, by the time of my visit?
        - Tomorrow, in my city and in my neighborhood, where can i find a fund raising activity? And how will I know if it has a party?
            - How economy works? With whom and where can i get help to understand it?
 - I like biology. I want to understand how can i preserve the diversity. Who can teach me? Where?
    - Next month, I want to enjoy Learning about Nature. Will there be any events going on in Lisbon, at the time of my visit?
        - Which of the on going events in Paris and Rome, next week, will be related to fund raising? And health support?
            - Who needs this specific resource that i have, and that I will gladly donate to help someone in need?
- I need help to take care of my kids and their illness. Is there a community that can help me? Where?
    - Who can benefit from my time?
        - I have a specific knowledge concerning health care and traveling. Is there a community that needs this expertise?
            - Among the communities on earth, related with a specific issue that I am curious to know about, which of them are near me?
- I would like to know more about finance, environment, Innovation and Sustainability. Can we trade? Get Knowledge in return for my time and help?
- Who shares the same values? Where on earth?
Hon can i contact them?

... and More.

only for the website

Sounds Great
looks even better 

are being built

In the website ...
(when operational)
... You can help:

Communicating and Informing about the Communities and their activities will help to foster this Network!
... I have the will    I have the time    I want to help    I can give this    We need to get    Someone with the knowledge    and the Resources (info)    on time ...
... in a community near you ... knowing ....
... Who does what where when and how !? ... this way ... you can help build The ECON Project

The Website for The ECON Project will be up and running soon @

 "... But not yet ..."

This Photo, The Beacon - " Farol da Barra de Aveiro", was taken by Paulo Resende: Profile @

All the Projects and ideas presented within this website (excluding the "owner identified" photos and the soundtracks), were designed and developed by Luis Beldroega.
They are independent Projects and Community Oriented Services
These projects and this website are not affiliated with, and do not belong to any commercial, economic or financial activity
These are free services provided for the benefit of the communities involved
If any of these conditions [mentioned in this statement] change, the new information will be displayed to the users of the Website 
and it will be an information within the public knowledge.

Thank you for your visit!

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