The LBF Yerk !?

Knowledge, Innovation, Sustainability, Social and Economic Research towards problem solving (SERTPS)

The Light Ball Innovation Yerk

YERK your idea...Sometimes an idea gets stuck on paper, on someones mind, by law, by knowledge, by science, by will, or other.... Then we need to Yerk the idea - "To throw or thrust with a sudden, smart movement; A sudden or quick thrust or motion; to kick suddenly" and make it possible! 

To access this group, please follow the link within the image below:

Group rules explained:

The rules of communication for the Light Ball Innovation Group® are similar to the ones in the beginning of the World Wide Web, back in the 90's. A place where we can find Knowledgeable information's, accesses to resources, in a way that it is free, well intentioned and available to all.

Message to members:
To all of you individuals, entrepreneurs, venture capital organizations, finance institutions, non-profit organizations, foundations both private and public, companies, corporations, volunteers and job seekers, which have the will and the resources (time, placement, information, technology, working hours, investment,etc...), to provide the means and the thrusts to these amazing ideas, this is the place.

The Light Ball Innovation Group®, facilities®, and the Light Ball Innovation Factory® as well as the Light Ball Innovation Yerk®, are all part of the same organization and structure.

Use → with:
Light Ball Innovation Group → Allocating resources to amazing ideas...
Light Ball Innovation Factory → Where ideas are born...
Light Ball Innovation Yerk → YERK your idea... and make it possible!